Tuesday, July 29, 2014

1:57 PM

- We're two minutes late! -
say some passersby.
I am one of them
as I marvel at
their odd meeting time.

Rain falls like dark angels
from eternally 
grey skies. Tomorrow
will be better I
silently surmise.

You are far from here.
Somewhere warmer, some-
where gold, giving no 
thought of me on some-
one else's shoulder.


© 2014 vagrant moon

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Crime & Punishment

Justice is forgiveness 
it is surely heard
in the bishop's song
to the con Jean Valjean;

for the brave melody
he sings to the cops 
that climbs like a prayer 
is the same sung by Javert:

the restless pursuer,
that relentless judge
who sorely assumed
justice equals judgment.

And justice surely does.
But where does it lie,
this judgment? On the
back of a thief or a

Priest? And who possesses
the privilege to try
and to deal out death
but God and God Himself?

© 2014 vagrant moon

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Researching Moliére

Oh, the drama! 
Oh, how tragic!
That one would die
of a heaving cough
while playing a

Oh, what irony!
What a discovery!
How Argan's ghost must
have swooned upon seeing 
his imagined malady 
was not so imaginary.

© 2014 vagrant moon

Monday, May 19, 2014

Coffee Shop Talk

A crush betrays you –
your heart turns your face red
as you laugh off the truth 
like a child who just 
pulled his hand out 
of the cookie jar 
mommy told him 
not to touch before dinner.

Your lukewarm coffee sits
waiting beneath your shy chin,
desperate for another chance
to be thought of,
to be bought with the tongue
and enjoyed like water
to a desert rose – 
your countenance sharing it’s subtle

shade of color – pink like blush;
red like the heart’s thunder.

© 2014 vagrant moon

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Our Love is a Slur

Our love is a slur;
I gotta walk away.
I've been grabbing at straws
And only leave with tragedy.

Our love is a slur,
can't you see it slip away?
It's drifting along like an
atmosphere in jilted space.

And I don't wanna
wake up like this,
With nothing but a
superficial kiss

on my lips.

© 2014 vagrant moon
[written in March 2014]

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Threshold of Heaven

When we cross over
the threshold of heaven
I suppose our love will
be truer,


I suppose I won't care
when you don't write,
or rather visit me in
my marble mansion,
though I'm thinking
I'll be in a tent 

this is partly due
to how I view myself,
and partly due to how
I wish to live:

simply and with abandon.

I suppose this dream
will be easier to live
in paradise,

above the vacant skies
we now live under.

© 2014 vagrant moon

Friday, May 16, 2014

Promise Keeper


"I am still livin' with your ghost,
lonely and dreamin' of the west coast."

- Art Alexakis

I visited you before
I flew across your
distant cousin
nearly two years ago.

I never dipped
my hand or foot
in you because
the air was cooler

than expected;
It's the same here.
Before I left
I told you

I would return
someday, to live
or simply visit,
to stroll

the bohemian streets
that bustle beside you.
I am keeping that promise;
come fall, I will deliver. 

© 2014 vagrant moon

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Constant Fairies


You taught me these.

& perseverance.

These grace you
like constant fairies
filling the space around you,

sprinkling the air
with newness,

telling Tomorrow
it's just an excuse

to wait.

© 2014 vagrant moon

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Music Can Be Like That

The pale headphones
fall from my hands like ash

and hover above a blue
shadow on the ground;

Something exploded here
in recent past,

now leaving a dim powdery
stain on gravel.

Music can be like that -
both abrupt and subtle,

exploding in the ears
like a bomb,

then settling upon
a blistered soul

like a wayward swallow,
leaving only the

faint melody of song.

© 2014 vagrant moon

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

An Exercise in Hope

'Finish the psalm,'
they rant,
these shadows of the past

that still hang upon
the walls
of hope and circumstance;

these voices of my friends
that calling
left behind,

'Strap on your boots,
return to your roots,
and finish the psalm,'
they chide.

'Let the sunlight be
your guide,
keep the shadows as
your friends;

but when clouds abide
and you lose your stride
never keep the
darkness in.

Be a mirror for
the cosmos,
be it all gaseous, marvelous
and bright;

let the blast project
and the glory reflect,
then you, simply
paraphrase the light.

Let the future remain
a mystery
never let it lead
you on,

And to the Creator
ever address,
as you cry out in
your distress,

and as your back's
still bent
don't you ever forget

to pick up
your pen and
finish the psalm.'

© 2014 vagrant moon