Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Gift from GOD


Dormant doormat

Knows not the frail
Footprints of friends.

Knows only the soft
Silence of the wind.

But this too is love.
This is life, a

Gift from God.

--Oct. 23, 2009—
© 2009 vagrant moon

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I cannot see you,
But I see your path,
Your footprints,
What you do.
As you shake hands
With the trees.
As you ride belly up
Through the rustled weeds.

These give you away,
Show you.

It is the same with God.

A fool will say seeing
Is believing, will say
Proof is everything.
This one should have
No problem, then,
Kickin’ off shoes
In a gas chamber,
Lyin’ down with
Peace in still waters,
As the ghosts of the
Water prepare to feast.

One day the blind fools
Will see.

--Aug. 4, 2009--
© 2009 vagrant moon

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

There's 1 in All of Us


Life has three black eyes
And cries himself to sleep
Whenever there’s not
Enough time for such things.

This is not just a point
Of view.

Tonight I saw a children’s
Movie that nearly made
toddler tears tiptoe down
The mountain of my face

Only to explode on the
Shores of my upper lip.
They would not have been
Sad tears, but honest ones.

Tears from the love of a
Drunk mother, from the
Heavy hand of a sweet

I know life sucks. Even
For those who’ve got it
All together
. Yes, even
Their life sucks.

And I shouldn’t be afraid
To say this. And you shouldn’t
Be afraid to hear it. You know
It’s true. You know there’s a

Corpse lying inside your heart,
All half-eaten and buried. That
Only comes out when you least
Mean it to. That only screams

When you can barely speak.
That only explodes when you’re
Crawled up in the corner, ready
To die.

I dare to say this is o.k. This
Is human. Even angels fall
From heaven. I think one
Must’ve landed on me this


Tonight, I pray your little wings
Are broken. Just like mine.
That maybe you’ll see
Flying high isn’t your fate...

Not in this life.
Not this time.

--Oct. 17, 2009--
© 2009 vagrant moon