Friday, May 14, 2010

I’m an alien in the garden

Walking tall, thin and proud.

Not all are lost who wander;

Not all the lost are found.

I make my home in Evergreen,

Colors from long ago,

This pale afternoon sending water

Upon an ever thirsty soul.

When I arrive I’ll write you

From wherever it is I go.

Until then,

I wear the sky as my robing

And the earth as my home.

--051110 and 051210--

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Snow Fountain (Weeping Higan Cherry)

I've recently started intentionally drawing in natural settings (mainly in a botanical garden) and writing poems to go along with the drawings about once a week. Enjoy the journey!

Snow Fountain,

Green winter

Has come and bowed

You down like ash.

Why are you weeping?

Or are you simply resting

In the arms of the older

Tree, playing dress-up

With his hand-me-down

Clothes? You who are

Cradled in wind and waves,

Do you still feel alone

In the shade, not knowing

Ancient light crouches

Behind you?